Partner Search

Are you planning to export to the global market, and do not know who will be the suitable partner for you in the respective country? Selecting the right partner is very crucial for a companies who are new to exports. We will identify the best partners, because we have local and in-country relationships, and also have an exclusive in-house database of companies that allows us to find the best fit for the clients to ensure they have long and fruitful partnership. During the search, we will also find the following for the prospective partners:

  • Type of a company
  • Incorporation of company
  • Annual revenues
  • Number of employees, etc.


Are you planning to exports goods to the Indian market? Check out the market if it is right for you before you enter.

  • A brief market assessment of the client’s industry, products and competitors in the country.
  • Feedback and responses from around 10 potential partners, industry experts, importers, government officials, etc. including their level of interest in the client’s product or service.
  • An analysis of the feedback received and recommendations for next steps.

Individual Market Visit

We understands your objectives for your India visit, and by availing our services we can arrange one-on-one appointments with B2B or B2C segments in a single city or multiple cities as per the client’s requirement to explore the business opportunities within the country.

Trade Missions

A trade mission is an export promotion tool serving various purposes. Trade Missions are generally organised by an economic development organisations (EDO’s), government department, industry associations, export promotion councils, chamber of commerce, etc.

Through trade missions the local companies are encouraged when they have no or limited knowledge and access to that particular market and get benefited at a low cost. The mission focus may be multi-sector, industry focused, school/colleges, etc.

We use our extensive resources to secure the best options and negotiated rates for flights, hotels, ground transportation, venues, meeting rooms, in-country briefing, networking receptions, group dinners, cultural activities, sightseeing, delegate dinners, event coordination, on-ground handling and support, etc.

Inward Trade Mission

Is your company interested to expand globally? We work with EDO’s across the globe, and co-jointly lead/manage trade missions (across verticals) in India. This allows foreign companies to access and explore the Indian market, acquire first-hand experience, evaluate the business climate, culture, and people, increase knowledge of host country, technical know-how, etc.

Not only this, we will be identifying potential business partners (agents, distributors, representatives, joint venture partners, etc.) as per your individual needs, and fix private one-on-one meetings (2-4/day) during your stay in India

Through the acquisition of in-market knowledge and contacts, will allow the firms to big-leap and formalize a strategy to determine how India could be included in their company’s global expansion plans.

  • Selected Indian cities to assess the business climate
  • Brief market research of delegate industry.
  • Identify potential business partners (agents, distributors, representatives, joint venture partners, etc.) through one-on-one meetings at their office
  • Accompanied by our staff
  • Assistance of pre-trade mission and post trade mission follow-up as and when required
  • Itinerary provided with the day to day meeting schedule, and company profile with whom they will meet
  • Site visits to local manufacturing plants
  • Briefing on doing business in India
  • Business luncheons/dinners, networking events
  • Extend invitation to Media coverage, etc.
Group Trade Missions

Are you planning to bring an industry specific trade mission from any country into India? We offer industry specific delegates a customized trade mission experience for the thriving Indian market. We will precisely plan and manage the crucial requirements of the group.

In ensuring all hands on deck, we will help the group to meet with government, public undertakings, manufacturing tours, production facility, group meetings with leading business houses, business school, financial center, and more. Through this mission, we will make sure we represent an opportunity to experience India.

Study delegations

If government officials from education sector, college President, Dean, Provost, Vice-provost, other senior management, etc. along with the students are visiting India to meet with Indian government officials, colleges, universities, schools, etc. The group is also seeking out partnerships to enhance academic collaboration, higher education, international partnership, expand curricular offerings, joint research, workshops, trainings, and prepare their students with the competitive international environment for their future career needs.

We will overcome these significant challenges in navigating education system in India, identifying appropriate partners and developing effective institutional partnership strategies.

Outward Trade Venture

TIGS along with a network of alliance partners organize outward trade missions to various countries. If Indian companies are planning or new to exports, out global team will assist you to get one-one meetings in their home country.