LaunchStation (In-Country Representation) Your Trusted partner in India

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    If you are seeking India as an attractive market, and venturing out of your own is still a big hurdle for you, don’t sit back and wait. Before you enter into the Indian market, we know you must be hesitant about the market and its dynamics. Well, we make our clients to overcome that; because we understand before you make any necessary investments you should investigate and test the water with limited investment

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    We will understand your requirements for the country and will undertake as it is ours

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    We will manage the project as per the defined scope of work, provide our office infrastructure, dedicated workforce allocation, perform and oversee all business functions on your behalf, periodic reporting, and delivery of the results

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    This will necessarily waive your tensions of creating local entity, hiring local staff, managing salaries, etc.

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    Once the period is complete, decisions will be made whether you are prepared or not for setting-up your long-term presence in the country.

Starting a Business (Company Incorporation) Helping companies to succeed in India

If you are deliberating on opening a company in India, in-order to be fully comply with the Government of India and allowing you to operate the company in the country, you will need an on-ground expert like-us in India to handle the incorporation processes efficiently and managing everything within a cost-efficient way and consuming less time. We can undertake pre-and-post incorporation process.

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    Entity formation: Setting-up Liaison Office, Project Office, Branch Office, Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Joint Venture Company, LLP etc. in line with the compliance with Indian procedures.

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    Obtaining local registrations, permits, licences, etc. independently and directly from the Indian authorities.

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    Setting up a bank account in the country.

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    Intellectual Property (IP) protection (Trade Mark, formulation, etc.) of the products you want to engage in.

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    Statutory and Regulatory Compliance.

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    Property Search and contract.


Once the company is incorporated in India you will be totally set to do any kind of legal business in the country. However, our roles are not all yet accomplished because we will be undertaking the following activities on your behalf to accomplish your needs and wants in your day to day activities in filing various reports to the Indian Government as per the periodic schedules on ground.

  • Book-keeping
  • Banks management
  • Periodic account reports
  • Annual report
  • Manage company taxation
  • Administer annual statutory requirements
  • Direct tax compliance: income tax, corporation tax
  • Indirect tax compliance: GST, VAT, service tax, other local State taxes
  • Payroll services
  • Accounting software
  • Executive search, etc.


India is a complex market, which spreads into regions dominated by millions of small, medium and family-run enterprises. You really need to evaluate the market like its market size, growth opportunities, competitors, challenges, consumer dynamics and the business potentials in the country before you embark on any business. We do business and market research with combinations of primary and secondary researches which allows our clients to get a deep understanding of the market. Through our research, you can achieve a greater market share in the coming years, because we understand what our clients need and request for

  • Ad Hoc Report
  • Market potential reports
  • Periodic reports
  • Industry Report
  • Company Profile
  • Country Report
  • Industry Newsletters, etc.


Before you sign any agreement with an overseas company, distributor, agent, importer, individuals, etc. one need to checkout whether they are credible or not. Also, to evaluate if they have proper infrastructure, certifications and know-how in place.

Business Advocacy

We also assist our clients to overcome trade barriers, unfair trade practices, bureaucratic problems, regulatory issues, etc. as per the client’s need.

Strategy and Business Planning

Our strategy would help our clients to solve and overcome complex business problems by giving deep insights, foresights and right strategy for a way forward.

Executive Bio’s

We can prepare bios of the senior management of companies covering their professional life, personal life and social interests.

Legal Services

We deal highly in line with a great network of highly qualified legal advocacy principle inIndiaTM and outside India, and that is why we employ the services of qualified and skilled lawyers who helps our clients to work on the following legal projects;

  • IP, trade mark and patents
  • Trade compliance
  • Technology licensing
  • Cross-Border M&A
  • JVS and strategic alliances
  • Dispute resolution
  • Inbound and outbound investment
  • Contacts drafting and vetting
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Labour compliant, etc.